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I always aim to explore new ways of world-building. This time, I chose to start with the smallest part–an inn–and expanded outwards. After the inn came the town it stood in, the area surrounding it, the kingdom it stood in, and eventually all the neighbouring kingdoms. To summarize the entire experience (in additional to the actual text), I design a map.

At Lantern’s Light is a story about three wildly different characters all in search for the same object; a magical lantern that connects the mundane world to the spirit world. One character does so to safe his sister, one does so because his tribe demands it, and one does so because she is currently stuck inside the spirit world.

Chapter 1: The Onset of Destiny. (9 minutes)

Chapter 2: Dream’s Awakening. (12 minutes)

Chapter 3: Born Again. (13 minutes)

The world of At Lantern's Light.