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As the weary adventurer pulled out a deck of cards, he knew he was in for a whole new adventure. His very essence was captured within these playing cards, and the hand he drew would determine both his mood and desires. As rumour spread of unholy beasts and armies on the rise, the adventurer knew he would have to rely on fate to guide his path, foretold only by his skill in cartomancy…

Cartomancy is a role playing CARD game, in which each player builds up a unique deck of playing cards to represent his character. These cards are used for all actions, as the players adventure through a world of swords & sorcery.

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Four cards each showing a single suit.

Player-characters belong to one of eight cultures, as well as one of eight classes. The latter determines the special abilities linked to each face-card (Jack, Queen, King). Each suit represents a single attribute of the character, and players can add certain cards to their deck to represent a growth in that particular attribute. Get the free-to-play Starter Set below, gather some friends, and go on an adventure!

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