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This little card game is great for those that want a quick card-calling party game. It consists of 18 cards and a single round lasts no more than 10 minutes. The goal in Chants is to complete a ritual – maybe you’re trying to turn iron into gold, teleport yourself, or call for the weather to change. The first to complete his chant wins the round, and the first to 3 completed rituals wins the game.

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Three cards from the Chants party game.

Each card shows two different icons, and each of those icons has its own colour. Each player holds 2 or 3 cards in hand (depending on the number of players), and each is attempting to create a combo of two of the same icons and two of the same colours. On a single turn, each player chooses a card to place on the table, calling out one feature on their card – all at the same time! – after which the players desperately grasp across the table for the cards they want. This continues until one played completes a ritual. However, something can always go wrong, when the players accidentally summon a demon…

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