Crafter’s Dungeon

Crafter’s Dungeon

A small town is having trouble with monster crawling out of a nearby dungeon, and they are in desperate need of brave adventurers. Unfortunately, they only have you… Gold is the only reason you’re here, and the townsfolk have plenty of it – if not, you’ll always able to find some in the dungeon itself…

Three character sheets showing from Crafter's Dungeon.

This dungeon-crawling crafting game is for 2-5 players, in which they collect loot and materials, fight monsters, and craft their own gear to better survive and make that sweet gold. Each day, the townsfolk ask for help, but players are free to ignore – in search for something that makes them more coin. Whoever accumulates the most gold at the end of the week wins the game.

Twelve item tiles used in Crafter's Dungeon.

Each player takes on the role of a unique character, and each has 7 action of which the player may perform 2 per day. Players will have to plan ahead, but not take it too slow; each opportunity only present itself once. As they gather materials and take time to craft, players can add unique pieces of gear and add it to their character. Each item gives the player new abilities and bonuses, and they are key to gaining the most gold.

Three monster cards from Crafter's Dungeon.

However, the most straight-forward way of earning is gold by going into the dungeon and fighting the monsters there. Each monster requires different types of attacks to be defeated, and give different rewards or penalties when fought. All-in-all the players are free to do whatever they want within Crafter’s Dungeon!