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In this online competitive game 3 players go head-to-head with each other to becomes England’s best detective, tasked with solving the latest crime. The art used below is purely to relay the idea, as the game should be set if grimy Victorian London. Each game starts with the players standing around the crime-scene in a randomly generated level. The player will move himself through the town in search for clues – with the goal to discovers the culprit, his motives, and his methods.

There are 3 types of encounters. At the crime-scene at which players can spend 2 clue points to answer the questions – and possibly win the game. A point of interest depicts a location or object of importance to the crime, and following a small puzzle the player is able to earn clue points (depicted below). A witness is the same as a point of interest, except that they are more rare, harder, and yield more clue points.

Additionally, players can spend their clue point for special abilities. This ability is determined by the setup of the player’s character, and they include gaining more information, hindering the other players, increasing movement speed, highlighting the nearest encounter, etc. Lastly, players have other ways of interacting with the town; attracting a crowd to hinder the movement of other players, finding Sherlock to instantly gain a clue point, hiring Jack the Ripper to kidnap an opponent, dimming street lights to hide alleyways, or closing a fence to completely block of a road.

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