Engagement Game

Engagement Game

In 2017 I made a board game to propose with. The game consisted of a few simple mechanics, which mostly had the two players trade and play cards. There were also a set of 3 tokens that needed to be collected by each player before every milestone came up. The goal was for each player to finish their personal track, and end on the box in the middle of the board. Each turn, players drew a Life card which either challenged or rewarded the players.

An overview of the components.

The main cards are the Relationship cards. A deck of 40 cards, each showing a custom drawing, with text, of a fond memory. Each card belongs to one of four categories: travel, learning, sharing, and loving. These categories match the four colours, and are used throughout the game.

Animation of several Relationship cards.

The challenge in the game comes from the deck of Life cards. Each card relates to an aspect of the relationship, and the challenges that life poses. They always require the players to work together or self-sacrifice in order to overcome – often having them spend cards.

Animation of several Gift cards.

Lastly, there are also Gift cards. This small deck of cards may only be drawn from at specific times during the game. Each cards holds a drawing of a special object, as well as a one-time powerful ability.

In the very end of the game, when both players have reached the final spot on the board – on top of the box – they win the game. Luckily for me, this happened the first time playing, though only be a small margin.

The two player markers on top of the final spot in the game.

But of course inside the box is the ring…

Ring in the box, as reward for winning the game.