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In 2017 I made a board game to propose with. The game required both players to trade and play cards, working cooperatively to reach their goal. Each had to gather 3 relationship tokens before each milestone. Once a player’s personal track was done, they would help the other reach theirs; ending on the box centre board. Each turn, the players draw a Life card, which either challenged or rewards them.

Picture of an overview of my engagement game.

Each card showed a drawing of a specific event, with personal texts of fond memories. Each card belonged to one of four categories: travel, learning, sharing, and loving. The game presented the payers with the challenges of life, requiring players to self-sacrifice and work together by spending cards. Lastly, there are also Gift cards, to give the other player a special one-time boost.

In the very end of the game, when both players reached the final spot on the board – on top of the box – they win!

Picture of two player markers on top of the final spot in the game.

And of course inside the box is the ring…

Pixture of the ring in the box, as reward for winning the game.
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