Main Quest Only

Main Quest Only

What I love about games in general is that they manage to tell a fantastic story with only a couple of tools. The most enjoyable games out there do this to such a degree that the collaborative storytelling becomes part of the mechanics of the game itself – think Gloom or Werewolves. With this simple card game that I created, 1 to 4 players can gather to tell there own story. The 66 cards that make up this game all hold a single piece of a story: a shovel, a trap, a dragon, etc. With the icons as inspiration, the players will collectively create a fantastical tale of heroism and bravery, as they delve into the hardest quest they have ever taken on.

Collection of cards from Main Quest Only.

The inspiration for this game came from my desire to play RPGs, and the fact that I (like most players, I presume) get easily sidetracked by the numerous side-quests and extra-missions that beef up most of these types of games. This leaves the main quest line neglected, which from a story perspective makes little sense: why not chase after the people who kidnapped your son instead of building yet another ramshackle home? So besides the cooperative joy of this card game, it’s also a good training exercise for all those overly-adventurous gamers out there.

Set of colours and icons from Main Quest Only.

In this card-placing game, players will be adding cards to their adventure to comply with the icon-requirements from their current quest stage. However, they must make sure not to get sidetracked by too much combat, or too much chatting with the locals, etc. To show this, each card has a background colour; if ever there are 3 or more of a single colour in their adventure, the players got sidetracked and must start the quest anew.

Because the players are never allowed to share the contents of their hands, the cards that are revealed will have them constantly shifting their focus (and thus also the story they tell), in order to stay within the limits of their main quest.