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One of the things I love about gaming, is that it is so easy to create a vivid adventure in your own mind – and if done right, a multiplayer game can make this a shared story! Story games excel at this, as they focus on communal storytelling and easy-to-understand rules – think of games like Gloom of Werewolves. I decided to create my own story-telling card game, for 1 to 6 players set in a fantasy world. The cards in this game each hold a single piece of a story; a shovel, a dragon, a stealthy jump, etc. The simple icons and colours of the card keep the game clear and concise.

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As the game is played, the group will create a fantastical tale of heroism and bravery, as they delve into the hardest quest they have even taken on. For this game, I was inspired by my own desire to explore every story-thread in roleplaying games. This desire means that I often get sidetracked by numerous side-quests and extra missions that distract from the main quest. This simple interaction is the core of the card game; having the group of player focus on the main quest, while they try to avoid getting sidetracked by the adventure’s many distractions.

Four Story cards and two Quest cards, with all icons on those cards highlighted.

On a player’s turn, that player adds a single card to the adventure. The card’s colour indicated what type of action is undertaken, and the icons at the top of the card indicate what steps are taken to further the main quest. The goal is to match the required icons, before getting too distracted by any one action type (colour). As the card is played, the player continues the story and furthers the plot. Players are not allowed to reveal their cards, and thus it becomes a game of push-your-luck and tactful card placing as much as it is a game about telling an epic story in which every one is the author.