Minikin (W.I.P.)

Minikin (W.I.P.)

Heavily inspired by The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, I created a role-playing game in which the players shrink down to the size of a thumb, and traverse a perilous forest as small folk. Every aspect of this game is meant to make the player feel small (literally). The character sheets are only a decimetre tall, the dice don’t go higher than 3, and with every action the player will wish for the lowest possible outcome.

Minikin character sheet.

Each player’s character has only four attributes; force, cunning, wits, and heart. Besides those, it has a stamina and willpower value, indicating its well-being and resolve. Lastly, the character’s physical and mental health are described though statuses. The game is – more so than other tabletop RPGs – focused on player versus environment, as the weather poses just as big a threat as any monster could to these tiny folk. Therefor, the game holds an all-encompassing travel system as well as trading mechanics. Combat, character advancement, magical items, and other such tropes all been simplified and streamlined, making the game accessible and easy to understand.

As mentioned, the heroes in this story are only the size of a thumb, and though native to the forest in which this game takes place, they are unfamiliar with it from their new perspective. A curious rat is now suddenly a massive threat, not to mention encountering a fox or hawk. The weather can create floods and draughts in a matter of days, and even the lightest of storms will feel like a hurricane. Besides all this, there are multiple factions influencing the world of the other tiny folks, old temples can be found, puzzles can be solved, and epic boss battles will ensue.

Minikin rulebook.

The game master will have an entire workshop to his disposal. This includes the layout for creating custom adversaries and items, along with dozens of pre-made adversaries and over 100 pieces of special gear. The game master will also be able to custom create temples, through which the players will venture. Just like any dungeon-crawl game setup, this game also has puzzles, traps, boss fights, treasure chests, and other adventurous elements. Combat takes place on a battle map, in which both heroes and adversaries chose stances to better fight their opponent.

Character Sheets