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On reason I enjoy tabletop games more than digital, is that digital games often lack clear communication and cooperation – so I decided to make a mobile game focused around those two aspects. In Spaceship Party a group of players each has his mobile phone that shows 4 puzzles. Centre screen there is a task for one of the puzzles, and a timer to indicate when the matching puzzle has to be completes. But here’s the twist; the tasks do not match the puzzles on the screen, instead, one player’s tasks belong to another player’s puzzles, and that player’s tasks belong to yet other players. This makes the game simple yet chaotic.

The game is best with larger groups, but require as little as 2 players – as long as everyone sits around the same table. The puzzles on the screen are random, and often confusingly designed – what did you expect in an alien spaceship? The goal is to party for as long as possible, however, over time the timers will start to deplete faster, and faster. For the prototype I’ve designed 12 puzzles. Each puzzle had to fulfill 3 requirements; it must have multiple solutions; it shouldn’t require rules to explain; and it shouldn’t take too long to complete.

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