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The year is 1896. Corruption and lawlessness is on a rise in Dublin, Ireland. Just last night a crime most foul was committed, and the culprit is still on the run. As a private detective you take it upon yourself to capture this wrongdoer, and find the evidence needed to convict. But you’re not the only one on the hunt. The game is afoot!

The Dublin Case is a 2-5 player competitive crime-solving game. Players aim to identify the culprit, determine the murder-method, and where the culprit has fled to. However, instead of a passive who-what-where-riddle, the culprit is constantly on the move, and will try to flee Dublin before the detectives catch up.

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Overview of the building-markers from The Dublin Case.

Dublin is represented by 10 notable and historical location, like St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Nelson’s Pillar, and Dublin Castle. These location can be set up randomly, in any shape – altering the way the game plays, because player may only ever move orthogonally. At each location there is a hidden clue, hinting towards the culprit and his crimes.

Twelve Clue tokens from The Dublin Case.

At the end of every turn, the culprit moves around town – hidden from the players. Only once the players have deduced where the culprit started, do they know where he is hiding now. Each player wants to be the first to capture the murderer, but they can learn from each other’s clues. Every time a player looks at a clue, he must either add a hint, or remove the hint that was already placed. A hint token is like a rumour that spreads around town. Each links to one of the qualities of the clue. With a combination of clues and hints, a true detective should be able to figure out the solution.

Six Hint tokens each showing both sides.

Because of the random setup of culprit, murder-method, and starting location, together with the diverse set-up of the locations, The Dublin Case is a highly replayable game. And even when you think you have all the answers, you still need to capture the culprit to win the game!

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