At Lantern’s Light

At Lantern’s Light

In my attempts to become a better story writer, I endeavoured to create a novel. Set in a low-fantasy world, the story of At Lantern’s Light follows three characters as they all seek a singular object; a lantern. I spend a whole year purely on world-building, before a single word was put on paper – this lead me to create solid characters with rich backstories of which to base the multiple tales.

As any aspiring fantasy novelist, I, too, went through the somewhat overly-zealous undertaking of creating a map of where the story takes place. Though I thought it would end up a waste of time, I found it a great inspiration for the world’s history, which lead directly to the different cultures, which in turn directly influenced the creation of new characters. So all-in-all not a bad time investment.

The very first chapter of the compiled stories of my three main characters is written below – just click the start-button. It’s quite the read, and I’m sure to expand on it in the future. If you don’t feel like reading now, just wait until the book comes out.

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Map for the At Lantern's Light novel.