It can be hard trying to have a peaceful chant, and before you know it you could accidentally summon a demon to end all life on earth. Of course this is not you intention, as we all know. If it were to happen, you (all all other people on earth) die… and also this game has no winners… except maybe the demon.

In CHANTS, a group of 3 to 6 players will try to perform a simple chanting ritual, and complete their job the quickest. But with everyone talking at the same time, it can soon become chaotic. Though the game relies heavily on its colours, it can be played by the colour-impaired.

6 shapes and 6 colours, 2 of each per card.

Each card holds two symbols, and each symbol will have different colours. There are plenty of symbols and colours on the 18 cards that make up this game. Each turn, the players will simultaneously shout out one of the attributes of a card in their hand, and in the chaos that follows player will claim cards of other players. Hands will fly across the summoning table, and runes will be claimed. Whoever completes his chant the quickest is crowded cult leader and wins the game.

Disclaimer: any accidentally summoned demons that end all life on earth are not the fault of this game.

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