Crafter’s Dungeon

Crafter’s Dungeon

The nearby town is having trouble with monsters crawling out of a forgotten dungeon, and they are in desperate need of brave adventurers. Unfortunately, they only have you. Gold is the only reason you’re here, and the townsfolk have plenty of it – if not, you’re always able to find some in the dungeon itself. One thing the townsfolk don’t have, however, are tools to share. You will have to scavenge metal, wood, and arcane powder to craft your own equipment.

Crafter’s Dungeon is a dungeon-crawling game for 2 to 5 players, in which they will collect loot, fight monsters, and craft their own gear. Each round the players are tasked with a new quest, and will have to find a balance between helping out the nearby townsfolk or simply cheating them out of their coins. Whoever has accumulated the most gold by the end of the game wins, and is crowned the best explorer of them all.

Three of the five explorers.

Each player will take a character sheet, which shows the seven actions a player may undertake, as well as a health bar and four spaces for gear. Each character also starts with a unique ability. However, the player may choose to play the game neutral, in which case all character sheets are flipped to the other side; showing an ability-passive character.

Players gain gear tiles by paying the resource cost.

There are twenty-four pieces of gear within this game, and each grants the player a unique ability. To craft a piece of gear, the cost (listed at the top) must be paid. Up to four gear tiles can be placed on the character sheet. Because of the variety of tiles, players can choose a completely different tactic every time they play.

Monster cards from Crafter's Dungeon.

The main source of gold comes from attacking monsters. Each monster requires certain weapons to be used (listed at the bottom). The more weapons required, the higher the gold reward. However, if not all the required weapon spaces are filled, the monster attacks back, dealing damage.

This box contains the entire Crafter's Dungeon game.

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