Eldritch Arkham

Eldritch Arkham

Will you bring an end to madness, or cause it? Will you side with civilians or the eldritch? Play the fast-paced strategy game for 0-6 players to find out who you really are…

In the asymmetrical strategy game Eldritch Arkham, players fight for dominance over the city. Each player takes on a unique role, with different components, actions, and objectives. Each role belongs to either the Eldritch faction or the Arkham faction, making the game semi-cooperative for players of the same faction.

The Authorities, Dreamer, and Investigator role board.

Each player will gain his own Omen (a foretelling of victory) and must be the first to complete this in order to win the game. However, each role has two sides, allowing the player to choose the method in which to use his components, as well as what his Omen requires.

The entire game focuses on ease-of-play. With the wide variety of roles, each player will find the one matching his or her own playstyle. By introducing alternative roles and random setups, the game also holds a high replayability. In short, new players will be able to quickly join the fun, while experienced players will always be surprised by the synergy of the different roles, random monsters, different board layouts, and other special events.

Three roleboards showing the Ancient, Outsiders, and Cultists.

Eldritch Arkham can be played with 0 to 6 players. Though the core mechanics revolve around area-control and avoiding hostile units, each role houses its own unique mechanic. From set-collecting to roleplay, from deduction to wargaming, and from resource-management to exploration, this game has it all.

I’m designing this ambitious game as finalist for the Fastaval tabletop gaming convention in 2019.