Eldritch Arkham

Eldritch Arkham

As finalist for the Fastaval tabletop gaming convention in 2019, I’m designing an ambitious game. Zero to six players. Asymmetrical. Max-replayability. Awesome.

In Eldritch Arkham, two factions will face-off against each other (Eldritch versus Arkham). Each player will take a unique role belonging to either faction (or neither), that has its own components, objectives, flavour, and style.

Layout of the Arkham board (1 of 4).

The gameboard holds 12 locations, connected by different types of paths, that together make up 6 areas. The players will interact with each other through this board, by moving and removing units, adding altars, controlling locations, surrounding areas, and more. The town is haunted by a single monster that acts differently each game.

The game has 12 different roles. Each role has a variant on the other side of its board, allowing for 2 different styles of play. Additionally, there are 2 game-controlled roles for soloplay, making for 28 unique roles to choose from (because, why not?).

Soon I’ll upload a print-n-play right here 😉