Fury Road

Fury Road

As a challenge to myself I tried to design a multiplayer game with only the smallest collection of components. In this case, I designed a 2-4 player card game consisting of only 18 cards.

Fury Road is a game inspired by the Mad Max series, and focuses on the mayhem-infused races through deadlands of dust and oil. The game comes with four vehicles, each working a bit differently, and an endlessly long three-lane road.

Four terrain cards and vehicles on the Fury Road.

Because of the limitations of having only 18 cards (and no other components) I ran into the issue of player markers… as in, there were none. I solved this by having the 18th card hold four vehicles and standees, that should be cut out and used as markers. This way, the game not only comes with custom stand-up vehicles, but also requires no additional components.

Fury Road card that must be cut to create player markers.

The game uses a simple racing mechanic in which players choose a speed for their vehicle each turn. However, the higher the speed, the less movability the vehicle has. Therefore, going at top speed might have you outrace your opponents, but it might also have you crash straight into a wall, unable to move out of the way. Besides that, there are mud pools and minefields to make the wasteland even more deadly.

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