Idea Database

Idea Database

I’ve often found inspiration from the most random of places. Therefore, as a way of paying back to society, I’ve started posting new game design ideas every day on my Twitter.

I hope that someday some designer will be in search for inspiration, find my random blurbs, and get inspired to create something new!

A rat, holding a tiny dagger and a bag of stolen goods.

Stealth game in which you play as a master thief rat in a millionaire’s mansion.

A judge with a VR set on holding a gavel.

VR game set in a courtroom in which you are the judge. You’ll have to read people’s faces and analyze evidence to eventually make a judgement.

Two heroes fighting a monster on a hex-grid, by placing hex-shapped tokens indicating their actions and directions.

Hex-grid arena fighting tabletop game in which players place tiles in fields to determine their actions AKA single unit Neuroshima Hex meets Monster Hunter.

A man sliding through the space between to closed doors.

Shooter in which you are made of inflatable rubber; able to slide through cracks and absorb bullets. However, walking like flubber is real hard.

A hero surrounded by enemies, each with a keyboard key above their heads.

Roguelike dungeon crawler where enemies are defeated by pressing certain (combinations of) keys, as an education game to teach touch typing.

Morty jumping out of a portal.

Reality-swapping adventure game in which your character swaps to a new reality every 60 seconds, with random natural laws, obstacles, and abilities.

Two cards, neither of them showing any cost.

Online card game without turns; each player gains 1 mana per second & the maximum mana increases every 5 seconds.

A kasa-obake yokai.

Yokai research game in which you need to witness & study each type of yokai by setting up events in a certain way and place traps to capture and study them (no pokéballs!).

Piles of tokens on a triangle-grid.

Tower building game set on a triangle grid with random player tiles on each intersection. Players move tiles along the lines a number of steps equal to the tower’s height. When no more moves are available, the player with his tile on the highest tower wins.

A smith hammering away with a smartphone.

Smithing mobile game in which you get poorly described assignments and then have to hammer (tap) a chunk of iron into the desired shape.

Water dripping off invisible floors and walls.

Platformer in which you don’t see the platforms or walls. But you can shoot water, to see it drip off the surroundings.

The black knight from Monty Python's The Holy Grail.

Action RPG about defeating a murderous black knight. After slaying all his servants & gaining your own followers, you defeat him and become the new black knight.

A ramshackled steam-punk battle tank.

Battle royale game in which players build tanks (steampunk style) in teams. Bigger equals stronger, but also more work to keep moving. Stowaways accepted.

A map of a standard MOBA.

MOBA in which one player on each side controlls all the mobs (like a real-time strategy game).

A deck of cards showing a group of people with a lightbulb above their heads.

Card game with creative inspirational tasks listed on each card, used by students/startups for the ideation process. Shuffle, brainstorm, repeat.

A succubus hiding in the shadows.

Puzzle-like stealth game in which you play as a succubus demon dragging people into the underworld instead of assassinating them.

A computer showing an old school text-based adventure.

Retro type-command adventure game with modern AI so that the player can type anything (and it is understood as a command). “Grab the banana and throw it at the Queen… Angrily.”

An advanced submarine traveling westwards.

Oregon Trail but set underwater, where the mobile submarine has to be expanded, improved, and repaired as you make your way from R’lyeh to Atlantis, facing sharks, poisonous urchins, underwater volcanoes, and more.

White blood cells fighting against bacteria.

2D exploration game inside a human body, playing as white blood cells fighting off pathogens.

A red wine bottle with glass.

Set-collecting game about the process of wine-making. Gathering “notes” and making different blends. For the posh geeks out there.

Two players, each hold one side of a tablet, playing a game together.

Two-player local co-op shoot ’em up. Each player holds one side of a tablet, with mirror controls for their own characters in a top-down view.

Two Mahjongg tiles, one wearing a samurai hat, the other a bandana and holding a katana.

Tabletop RPG using Mahjongg tiles as a deck for character action testing. The player builds a wall; width is awareness, height is defense.

A toy car driving off a ramp (made up of a pen).

Tabletop racing game with miniature vehicles in which the entire house is the course (no fall damage).

Three simple monsters that evolve into stronger versions.

Rogue-like MMO in which each enemy is another player. When you defeat an enemy you level up to a stronger enemy, but when you die you are set back 3 levels.

Line art of Howl's Moving Castle, by Ghibli.

A side-scroller/2D Sims-like game set in Howl’s Moving Castle. The aim is to keep the engine running and the castle walking, while adding new rooms and keeping the inhabitants happy.

Four-tiered board game setup.

Underwater exploration board game using a tiered tower with multiple platforms, of which the top layer is the water surface and the tiers below are the depths.

Three classical RPG icons with a fourth icon; the play button.

Turn-based combat system in which each character selects an action, after which all actions simultaneously take place in a custom cinematic.

An old school game cartridge.

Sci-fi tabletop RPG in which you hack corporations. However, their security systems are complex OS that form entire worlds with different themes; including mechanics, objectives, and even laws of nature.

Landscape in the style of The Legend of Zelda games.

Zelda-inspired simulation game in which you play a god shaping the planet, adding terrain and monsters, where NPC-heroes go on adventure and autonomously create settlements, dig tunnels, and sail out to other lands.

Three 3D shapes stuck together.

Three-dimensional Pictionary; a set of uniquely shaped tiles that attach to each other in different ways. The host adds tiles to his creation, and the first player to guess the creation wins.

Four mobile phones pointing towards each other.

Cooperative game in which each player uses his own mobile device. The player has different panels and list of tasks that must be performed before the time runs out. The twist, each listed task can only be performed by another players.

A thief standing atop a grid.

Heist game in which each player creates his own level, with guards, traps, security cameras, and hackable computers, which other players must solve in the least amount of steps.

A pipe, hat, spying eye, and looking glass.

Narrative driven card game in which each player’s deck provides a story for the opponent’s character, with obstacles to overcome, characters to meet, and mysteries to solve.