Sherlock Holmes: Detectives

Sherlock Holmes: Detectives

“Now this is the SHCD expansion I was waiting for.”

“Of all the cases I’ve ever played, I think this is the best one.”

My favourite game, 1981’s Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detectives, is a masterpiece in both writing and design. In it, any number of players try to solve a crime in Victorian London, either cooperatively or competitively. The unique thing about it was that the player really had to become a detective, instead of simply acting to be one. The rules are simple: go to a location of your choice, read the entry, figure out what clues it gives you, repeat. Often simplicity is best.

Spreadout of the game's booklet.

For this ancient game, I’ve created my own trilogy of scenarios. I updated the play-style a bit, by adding a continues story and some other new elements (no spoilers). I’m happy to say that folks around the globe are enjoying my work!

The original 3 cases I wrote that are compatible with the ’81 game can be downloaded for free. However, if you feel like supporting my work, you can buy the game as well. I’ve made multiple improvements to the game, and made it a ‘stand-alone’ game. This means it’s a great gift! All you need is my game and a pencil, and you’re off to catch the culprit.