In 1981, Sleuth Publications published a masterpiece of a game, created by Gary Grady, Suzanne Goldberg, and Raymond Edwards. It was called the Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective game. In it, a group of players would have to solve crime cases in the hopes of besting Sherlock himself. Now, a couple decades later, the game still holds up as being one of the best. No other game can put the player into a situation where all facets of his capabilities are tested. Besides the brilliantly simplistic mechanics, it also makes for a fantastic social game, in which a group of players can spend an entire evening (or even days in my case) trying to conclude a single game.

As is often the case with games that rely or pre-written scenarios; at some point you run out of stories to play. That is why I started creating custom scenarios. After a couple of tries I finally deduced what works and what doesn’t, resulting in my very first custom case for this game: The Cutting Edge of Winter. The story revolves around a string of murdered men, and the secrets that they hold. It is up to the player(s) to find out what happened, in a classical whodunnit taking place in 1889 London.

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective The Case of the Winter Widows.

For all their brilliance in game design, the ’80 were not known for their visual design skills. Therefor I couldn’t help myself but bring this game into the 21st century, whilst still maintaining the vibe associated with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s works. Therefor, I completely (visually) redesigned the map used in the game for navigation, rewrote the directory used for finding people, as well as redid all the newspapers. The latter of which had the unfortunate design of being printed on three individual A4 sheets, whereas with my design it is contained on a single A3 – giving it that authentic newspaper feeling.

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Player Newspaper.

Luckily for you, you do not need a copy of the 1981 game (though I strongly advice you to find one) – my entire case can be played by downloading the below files. Also be sure to check out my other cases: the Case of Fumes and Fire and the House of M.

The Case
Game Components
The Case (Spanish)

Updated April 2018