Sherlock II

Sherlock II

Part two of this trilogy of game scenarios is here. Unlike the general cases that come with the 1981 game, mine follow a narrative that stretched throughout multiple cases, and information gathered in one case could prove useful in another. Therefore, this second case continues the story of the winter widows and provides a deeper and darker narrative to play out.

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective The Case of Fumes and Fire..

This case is called The Case of Fumes and Fire, and focuses on a large fire that broke out in London in 1889 – but not all those who lie dead in the flames died during the fire… This mystery is fun to solve with a group of friends if you have a couple of hours, and leads you from location to location within old London, trying to outsmart Sherlock himself. For the game components and rules see my first case; the Cutting Edge of Winter. Also be sure to check out my third case; the House of M. Have a try yourself, and let me know what you think!

The Case

Updated April 2018.