Sherlock III

Sherlock III

When you are reading this, one of three things has happened. Either you have no idea what Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is – in which case I’d strongly suggest reading my first article on the game. Another option is that you are aware of the game, but have not yet played my previous two cases – in which case I’d strongly suggest you catch up on both the first part and second part of this trilogy. The third and last option is that you are a master detective, and have come here to help out Sherlock once more.

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective The House of M.

The case of the House of M is my third case, and concludes the trilogy of cases that started with the winter widows and funeral fires. Though the first two parts can be played in any order (only the most active sleuths will notice why it is better to do them chronologically), this final chapter cannot be played until its two predecessors have been concluded.

If you are going to undertake the marvelous and thrilling journey that this case holds for you, be warned that it is not an easy one to solve. There are many different story threads, and unfortunately for you, this time Sherlock is not present to help you.

The Case

Updated May 2018.