Spaceship Party

Spaceship Party

One reason why I’m more into tabletop games than digital is the lack of direct cooperation in online games; rather it’s often a collection of single players with the same goal. So I decided to make a mobile game that can only be played when in the same room with your teammates, as it requires constant (and chaotic) communication. Let’s start with a glimpse at this pandemonium…

A scenario from Spaceship Party.

In Spaceship Party, 2 to 8 players all have to sit around the same table and each must have his/her own device. The gameplay works as followed: each player has a screen with four puzzles, and each puzzle has a clear solution. However, the solution to the puzzle will be visible on ANOTHER player’s screen, including a timer. If a puzzle is not solved before the timer runs out, all players lose the game. The goal is to keep the spaceship afloat for as long as possible.

This of course requires constant communication; telling people what they should do whilst other people are telling you what to do – chaos ensues. The four puzzles the player will get at the start of each game are random, though only one player may have any single puzzle (to remove unnecessary confusion). However, the icons that describe the puzzles will also be random each game, and there are more icons than puzzles. This means that at any given time the player is trying to solve a puzzle under time pressure, trying to describe the icon shown on his screen, and trying relay the task associated with it.

For this prototype I’ve designed twelve puzzles. Each puzzle has three requirements: it must have multiple solutions, which can be randomly called for; players must be able to use it instinctively (no rules explanation required); and it shouldn’t take too long to complete.

Connecting game from Spaceship Party. In this connector puzzle, the goal is for the player to connect a certain letter with a certain number. This is done by dragging any field (to start a connection) to any other field. Once the player lets go, the line connects (indicated by the matching colour). To release a line, the player simply cuts through it by swiping.
Gears game from Spaceship Party. This alien-looking gear puzzle asks the player to move the marker from one colour to another. However, when moving, the player must stick to the lines. If the player goes outside of the lines by even a bit, the marker pops back to the last checkpoint (any circle on the grid)
Code breaker game from Spaceship Party. This deceptively easy looking code puzzle requires the player to create a certain number: simply swip the bars vertically to move them to the desired number. However, the numbers are in complete random order, and thus it focuses on the player’s ability to find small details in the chaos.
Line game from Spaceship Party. In this line puzzle the letters, numbers, and lines in the middle are all static, but the player may move the two bars to change which lines connected to each other. The bar loops around and shows four different lines (each). It snaps in place when connecting, and the two values light up to give feedback to the player’s actions.
Race game from Spaceship Party. In this race puzzle, two cars drive on the tiniest racetrack. The aim is for the player to have them both stop at the same colour. Unfortunately they move at quite a fast pace. When the player taps a car it tops moving, and tapping again does nothing. If the player presses anywhere else on the racetrack (for instance when misclicking a car), both cars starts to drive again.
Negative colour game from Spaceship Party. There are only four fields in this negatives puzzle. When a field is pressed, that field, as well as the two adjacent fields, become negatives. This means that filled spaces become empty and empty spaces become filled. The goal is to have a certain field filled, whilst all other fields are empty, which requires strong logical thinking,
Bit Counter game from Spaceship Party. This bit counter puzzle is like a very simply calculator. By swiping or tapping a slider, it is turned on/off. If the slider is on, the value is added to the total at the bottom. The goal is to get a certain value (Ranging from 0 to 15).
Colour combo game from Spaceship Party. This colour palette puzzle requires the players to fill in the center field with a combination of colours. This is done by pressing the three fieldsto activate or deactive them. When multiple fields are active, their colours are mixed, and thus seven possible combos are available to the player.
Grid walker game from Spaceship Party. This small grid puzzle has a marker that shows the player’s location. The player will receive new coordinates to move to, which he must find a path to. The red crosses change every so often, and cannot be entered or moved through.  To move the marker a single space, the player simply swipes anywhere on the grid into the direction he wants the marker to move. The borders of the grid cannot be moved through.
Calculator game from Spaceship Party. This clumsy-looking calculator puzzle has a simple goal: get to a certain number. However, as you can see, the buttons are rather troublesome. When a number is too high the player won’t be able to just press +1 the entire time (because of the time limit), and thus must use some quick math. Once the value is obtained, it remains, until a new value must be entered. When this happens the player can either alter his previous value, or return back o 0 by pressing the bottom button.
Number dragging game from Spaceship Party. This drag puzzle only requires a two-digit value to be added, nothing more. However, the values must be dragged onto the empty spaces in the center. Moreover, they cannot be dragged onto spaces that are already occupied – meaning that the value in the center space must first be dragged back to another empty space, because the desires number can be dragged into the center (red spots). The place where numbers are dragged back to (blue spots) does not matter, and thus as the game continues, the numbers will become disorganized and chaotic.
Clock game from Spaceship Party. Lastly, this clock puzzle is all about timing. When the clock is tapped, it will start to rotate into a random direction. When tapped again the clock stops and highlights a single letter. The aim of this puzzle is to end on a specific letter,.