Vox Machina: Tactics

Vox Machina: Tactics

As a fan of Critical Role, I have used their stories as inspiration for a tactical turn-based game in pixel art. This digital game has the player select a team of 4 well-known heroes, each with their own abilities and upgrades. The game is coded in GameMaker Studio 2.

Level-by-level the player will have to defeat different teams of foes, following the storyline from the show. Below is a short screengrab from the first level, in which the heroes find themselves underground fighting off some invaders.

Pixel-art animation of Vox Machina: Tactics.

Each turn, the player orders his active hero to move and use a single ability. When it is a foe’s turn to act, it too is able to move and use a single ability. Abilities include both normal attacks and buffs, as well as special moves. The more powerful the ability, the longer the cooldown before it can be used again.

The foes of the hereoes in Vox Machina Tactics.

I made animations for all the main heroes in the game – it is up to the player to select four of them for each level. The idea is that each hero will come in multiple variants, and each variant has a unique listing of abilities. If you’re geeky and want to know more, see the database.

Grog the barbarian.Keyleth the druid.Scanlan the bard.Pike the cleric.Vax'ildan the rogue.Percy the the gunslinger.Vex'ahlia the ranger.Trinket the bear.

I have already designed and balanced the first 40 levels, encompasing the underground story of Vox Machina and their escape. Each level takes place on a 7-by-7 grid, in which the starting positions of the heroes as well as the foes are fixed. Because Trinket the bear is automatically added as a fifth hero whenever Vex’ahlia is added to the team, each level has a special fifth-hero starting position. Besides these starting locations, as well as the type and amount of foes there are in the level, each level also has different terrain features. The border between two fields will most often be empty, but it may also be a low wall (which blocks movement, but units may still attack across it), or a full wall (which blocks both movement and sight).

40 layouts of levels.