Vox Machina: Tactics

Vox Machina: Tactics

Creating a digital game alone is a hard task. Not just because of the scope, but rather because of the multidisciplinary skills that are required. Still, I gave it a shot.

I made this turn-based tactical combat game based around a popular show, following their narrative. Level by level the player will have to defeat a set amount of enemies on a fixed map. They choose which 4 heroes they have enter the battlefield – each hero has its own skills and attributes. As the game progresses, new heroes are earned, allowing for more tactical creativity.

Pixel-art animation of Vox Machina: Tactics.

Each turn, the unit is allowed to move and perform an action. Foes act according to a non-random AI, allowing the player to anticipate their behavior. The foe’s state-of-being also affects its behavior. All abilities and animation are accurate to the show’s depiction – which was inspired by D&D.

Animation of Grog the barbarian.

Animation of Scanlan the bard.

Animation of Vex'ahlia the ranger.

Animation of Trinket the bear.

Animation of Percy the the gunslinger.

Animation of Vax'ildan the rogue.

Animation of Keyleth the druid.

Animation of Pike the cleric.


I made this game by myself; doing the game design, level design, art, coding, and behavioral design. So everything except sound (you gotta know your limits). I’ve designed the first 40 levels, and all abilities of each hero-type. For a full geeky list, see the design details below. The game isn’t available beyond the version I have myself, since it’s not my IP, though I am looking forward to sharing it some day.